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Introduction of Safe Shopping Service:

The Safe Shopping service is a user-specific service to protect virtual assets such as game coins, equipment, props, game accounts and other purchases purchased by buyers.

Safe service, the platform will refund the full amount in the following cases:

1、The purchase service fee of peace of mind shall be borne by the buyer, and it will not take effect if not purchased

Example: You purchased the Safe Buyer service while purchasing a certain game equipment

If the equipment is recovered by the seller, you can apply for the Safe Buyer service. full refund。

2、If the product is recovered by the seller, you can apply for the purchase of the safe purchase service. The safe purchase guarantee system will help you recover the product or give you a full refund of the purchased product.

3、For game currency, game equipment, and props, the general buyer pays a service fee of 1%-5.5% of the order amount (charged according to the game), with a minimum of 1.1 yuan a maximum of 1,100 yuan, and a maximum refund of 20,000 yuan; game account type For goods, the buyer pays the service fee at 5%-30% of the order amount, the minimum is 2 yuan, the maximum is 6,000 yuan, and the maximum refund is 20,000 yuan。

Note: After the transaction is cancelled, the Anxingo service fee will be fully refunded to the buyer; after the transaction is successful, the Anxingou service fee will not be refunded。

4、Regarding the inconsistency between the character name and the product, the transaction character name filled in when applying for the Anxin Shopping service and the game character name displayed in the proof should be inconsistent with the character name used in the platform transaction; all refunds will be made in full.

5、The payment channel is blocked, and the service provider has not received the notification to recharge your account. In this case, please wait patiently for the recharge result. If the recharge/payment fails after more than 30 minutes, you can contact customer service for feedback, and the order amount will be automatically returned to the original route.。

6、Service provider routine maintenance, can not recharge. The transaction order will show that the transaction is closed, and the system will refund it directly to you. You can recharge after a period of time.

Inform online shoppers that refunds are available。

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